About Us

 As one of the global leading manufacturers, we offer you from elegant to rustic a wide range of brilliant style and designs of engineered hardwood flooring.

Exceptional Quality

Our plant facilities are equipped with state-to-art production equipment. Our Key Point Control ("KPC") system allows us to produce products that are consistently top quality. We push the limits to constantly improve and develop new processes to maintain leadership, drive operational excellence and reduce the impact on the environment.

Creative & Colorful

Our flooring stands out with a wide range of creative designs, dimensions, and beautiful colors with amazing textures. With these choices you will have the basics for choosing the right flooring for your customers.

Integrated Process 

Being a world-class leader in engineered hardwood, we offer with exciting European and American styling that comes from some of the most respected designers in the world. Completely vertical production process guarantees quality from forest to floors. Our flooring products enjoy increased popularity in USA, UK, Italy, France, and Australia etc.

Flexible Service

We assist you in developing a custom product line, fill in production of an existing line, or put together a new collection from our ready to go colors. Customized products are exclusive for your geographic area. Displays, samples, graphics, box design, labels, will be handled together or by us.